Thanks for donating to Buffalo ReUse!

ReUse Action handles all donations to Buffalo ReUse.

We’re being offered so much, we have to be picky about what we take. We have limited resources to handle excessive amounts of material.

Donation is a two step process:

We’re always looking for

  • Kitchen cabinet sets.
  • Doors and windows.
  • Kitchen sinks.
  • Bathroom fixtures, white or near-white only. Vanities and medicine cabinets. Toilets should be ADA height, 14 inches or more.
  • Radiators.
  • Water heaters, furnaces, boilers.
  • Interior house parts – trim and molding, baseboards, columns, railings etc.
  • Exterior house parts – trim, gutter/downspout, fencing, railing.
  • Masonry and stone – bricks, block, stone, pavers etc.
  • Hardwood and softwood lumber.
  • Art and antiques, collectibles.
  • Furniture in good condition. Must have a contemporary use, i.e. TV cabinets are in very low demand. We’re being offered so much furniture and have limited space, so we’re not accepting much furniture at this time.
  • Appliances in good working order.
  • Tools, fasteners, workshop odds and ends.
  • Scrap metal.

YES PLEASE! What We Take

  • Put simply, we take materials that:
    • Can be used by others
    • Are reclaimed or reclaimable
    • Are getting in your way
    • Are surplus or unwanted
    • Need to find a new home
  • We take items we don’t need to dispose of.
  • We take items we don’t already have a large quantity of.
  • We can pick up items, but it can be quicker for donors to bring them to us.
  • We do cleanouts for a fee. Contact us if you need cleanout service.
  • Take a look at “We’re Always Looking For” for a guide to items we need.

The Donation Process

Once you’ve contacted us about donating material, we’ll review your offer and get back to you and give you a Yes or No. We may ask for further information and photographs.

If our answer is “Yes, we’ll take it”, we’ll ask for your address and good times for us to come by. Then, our driver will contact you to schedule a pickup.

If our answer is “No”, we’ll suggest alternative ways to dispose of your material.

We can usually pick up your donation, but if you can bring it in, that would be great. We’ll help unload at our end.

Our current goal is to respond to your request in less than a week and to pick up in less than two weeks.

All donations to Buffalo ReUse are tax deductible. Once we receive your donation, we’ll send you an itemized donation receipt if you’d like that.

If you have any questions about your donation, please feel free to email us at or call us at 716-894-3366. You can send us a text at 716-354-3050.

NO THANKS! What We Don’t Take

Exceptions to this list: We’ll take items that are rare, antique, collectible or easily sellable. We’ll take items on this list if our pickup crew decides to take them.

  • We do cleanouts for a fee. Contact us if you need cleanout service.
  • NO: Most furniture. We’re overwhelmed with offers of furniture.
  • NO: Anything excessively dirty.
  • NO: Anything needing repair, unless minor.
  • NO: Mattresses, box springs, bed frames.
  • NO: Glass shower doors.
  • NO: Sliding patio doors, unless complete with jamb.
  • NO: Glass or mirror over 30″ in any dimension.
  • NO: Double-hung window sashes, unless the glass is unbroken, no rotten or repaired wood. Painted only if in excellent condition or antique/unusual.
  • NO: Wood, vinyl or ceramic tile flooring less than 150 square feet, unless antique or unusual.
  • NO: Picture windows.
  • NO: Drop-in bathroom sinks.
  • NO: Bathroom fixtures that are “pastel” in color, i.e., not white or near-white.
  • NO: Office partitions or cubicles.
  • NO: Lumber shorter than six feet.
  • NO: Sheet goods less than 3/4 of a sheet.
  • NO: Paint, varnish or stain, unless it’s a full or nearly full can, no rust on can. No oil paint. PaintCare is a state-sponsored way to dispose of unwanted paint [link].
  • NO: Household hazardous waste. Chemicals, pesticides, solvents etc. Here’s Erie County’s hazardous waste website [link].
  • NO: Luggage, Electronics, Sports Equipment, Car Parts, Rugs.
  • NO: TV stands, hutches, TV cabinets, china cabinets.
  • NO: Anything not accepted by our pickup crew or store staff.