About Buffalo ReUse

Building Materials

Buffalo ReUse no longer sells reclaimed building materials.

By mutual agreement, ReUse Action has taken over sales for the organization.

ReUse Action is facilitating tax-deductible donations to Buffalo ReUse. See our Donate page here.


Elected November 29, 2022.

Michael Gainer, President

Lorraine Eads, Treasurer

Kevin Hayes, Secretary

Update, July 1, 2024: We continue to serve as Buffalo ReUse’s Directors.

Recent History

New directors elected November 29, 2022.

Retail store closed November 27, 2022.

Cleanout of retail store, December 2022.


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Email us at info [at] buffaloreuse {dot} org.

Call us at 716-218-9401.

More Information

As we move forward, we’ll add more information at this page.