Buffalo ReUse


December 2022

Please join with us in a renewed commitment to Buffalo ReUse and its mission

Changes are coming.

Stay tuned.

We’ll be posting updates here real soon, around December 1.

Buffalo ReUse Timeline

Organized in 2006, incorporated in 2007

Performed first deconstruction in 2007

Completed 100th building deconstruction, 2011

Opened the reclaimed materials store in 2008

Extensive community programming 2008-2011

Peak sales of $750,000 in 2010

Peak employment of 15 in 2010


Regenerate Neighborhoods

Make Buffalo Green

Educate & Mentor
Young Adults

Advocate for ReUse

Regenerate Neighborhoods

We continue to work with others to improve the quality of life in Buffalo’s neighborhoods, including personal and community safety, food security, mental and physical health.

Make Buffalo Green

We continue our work on community gardens, tree planting, beautification and cleanup.

Education and Mentoring

Educate & Mentor Young Adults

We continue to guide young adults between 18 and 30 to develop the skills they need to support themselves and their community, expand their horizons and thrive.

Advocate for ReUse

We continue our work researching, experimenting, reporting and advocating for increased material reclamation and reuse.

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